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Big Dipper 3D Sculpture

Get this amazing and informative sculpture here:

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Asterism in a Box: Swarovski pearls, suspended by nylon lines in a specific spatial orientation, represent seven well known stars in the Northern night sky. The pearls in this sculpture show the actual 3D configuration of the stars that make up the Big Dipper! Only from one particular point of view- that of our sun- do they look like the "dipper", and this sculpture shows what this cluster of stars would look like from other “near by” star systems in our galaxy. Note that large pearl in the bottom right represents the star Dubhe, a blue giant some 326 times brighter than the sun and the farthest of the Dipper stars at 123 lightyears away. The rest of the stars range in distance from 58 to 101 lightyears, as measured from Hipparcos satellite telescope mission data. From artist Caroline Bowen of Hypotenuse Studios. 

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Klein Bottle

Get this mathematical glass art here:

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Wikipedia has great details on the Klein Bottle

Klein Bottle: 3D representation of a four dimensional mathematical object with one side, no edges, and zero volume. Kind of like a MoĢˆbius strip with no edges.* Math meets glass art with this fun “lamp shaped” version! *only achievable in 4D space 

Doubly Impossible Bottle

Each constructed by hand, each a work of art-  get a personalized bottle here:

From The Bottleologist website: BUY NOW: Impossible Bottle with Frame

From his Etsy store: BUY NOW: Impossible Bottles

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Doubly Impossible Bottle: the newest seemingly impossible object in my collection from craftsman/artist Grant Wicks @thebottleologist. An “impossible nail” object was somehow assembled within a Fannys Bay Whisky bottle- and personalized with my logo too! The puzzle aspect is to consider how the bottle was produced (I personally have some theories- but I do not know the secrets of this artist). I can tell you with high certainty that the bottle was never cut or altered in anyway, and it was not somehow formed around the objects inside. 

Square Dissection Puzzles

Get these and other well made disection puzzles here:

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These puzzles are expertly laser cut and sold by GamesEfce. I spray-painted the pieces of mine to better show the shapes and relationships for the video. 

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Square Dissection Puzzles: a square can be cut (dissected) into polygons and then reassembled into other regular polygons. Shown here: an equilateral triangle, a pentagon, and a hexagon. These are the record holders for smallest number of pieces needed: triangle (4 pieces by Henry Dudeney 1902), hexagon (5 pieces Paul Busschop 1870s) and pentagon (6 pieces Robert Brodie 1891). Fun fact- It is not known if any of these records are the smallest possible, no mathematical proofs yet exist on this question.