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Tension Integrity Icosohedron: Tensegrity

Get this kit and build one:
From Etsy: BUY NOW: Tensegrity Kit

A nice version of this tensegrity icosohedron is sold as a toy for tiny tots: 
From Amazon: BUY NOW Tensegrity Toy 

I constructed this version by referring to the images and descriptions of tensegity on Wikipedia 

Tension Integrity Icosohedron: Six brass struts float isolated from each other but held in a stable configuration by a net of 24 connecting cables. I made this sculpture using hollow brass tubes and weaving through them a single strand of fishing line, which is connected after passing through each tube exactly four times. This configuration of three sets of parallel struts forms a Jessen’s icosahedron under tension, and was invented by the famous architect Buckminster Fuller in 1949.

Lithophane 3D Printed Moon

Get this beautiful night light here:

From Etsy: BUY NOW: Lithophane Moom Lamp

Lithophane 3D Print Moon: a night light lamp with a strikingly detailed image of the lunar surface- but made only of white plastic. The lithophane technique goes back to the 1820s and produces gray tone images by shining light through a translucent substance, initially porcelain, or like this example, plastic. Regions where the plastic is thick absorb the light and appear dark gray, thinner regions look light gray. 3D printing allows a new method for producing this art form with amazing detail.

Fluorescein v. Laser Frequency

Need a laser pointer? Incredibly, you can get 3 (one of each color) for under $20 (including S&H): 
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Make you own fluorescent solution with this powder: 
From Etsy/STEMCell Science: BUY NOW: Fluorescein Powder

Fluorescein v. Laser Frequency: exploring how this famous fluorescent dye reacts to three frequencies of laser pointer using this unique liquid filled paperweight. Under Green (532 nm) we see some mild yellow fluorescence as the beam transmits through the liquid, under Red (635 nm) the beam transmits with no reaction, but under near UV Blue (450 nm) the beam is completely absorbed near the liquid surface and re-emitted in bright green with a peak at 515nm. A fun home experiment to explore quantum physics phenomena with inexpensive apparatus.