Math Toys

Tesseract Projection

Get this CNC machined math art here: 

From AltDynamic: BUYNOW: Hypercube/Tesseract

Tesseract Projection: a shadow of the 4-dimensional analogue to the cube, also called a hypercube or 8-cell. A tesseract(4D) is to a cube(3D) as a cube is to a square(2D). This piece of mathematical art is CNC machined from a solid piece of aluminum and anodized black- a representation, including perspective, of one possible shadow a hypercube could cast into 3D space. Multidimensional mathematics are often used in the formulations of physics, and visualizations such as this one help give insights. Another amazing creation from @altdynamic design studio.

Five Orbiforms: Volumes of Constant Width

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Five Orbiforms: precision 3D printed vo5umes of constant width. These shapes have constant diameter no matter their orientation and will roll like spheres between two planes- note how the acrylic plate stays parallel to the table as the sphere and other orbiforms roll underneath. The one that resembles a pyramid is the Meissner tetrahedron, which is conjectured to be the orbiform of least volume. A sphere is the orbiform of maximal volume, and the others are based on revolutions of the Reuleaux triangle, pentagon, and heptagon respectively. Skillfully printed in two colors by Brandon of Fractal Forest Makes. 

Shashibo Earth

Available here:

From Amazon: BUY NOW: Shashibo Earth
From Art of Play: BUY NOW : Shashibo Geometric Art

Shashibo Earth: the globe of the Earth is mapped to a rhombic dodecahedron in this new design of the Shashibo shape shifting puzzle. Dissect a cube into 12 equal irregular tetrahedra, connect these pieces symmetrically with hinges and add 36 magnets to create the Shashibo- a device with more that 70 geometrically interesting and aesthetic configurations (a few are shown here as the dodecahedron is transformed to a cube).

Cubendi Dissected Cube Puzzle

Thie new dissection puzzle is available here:

From Amazon: BUY NOW: Cubendi Cube

Get the sister cube puzzle here:

From Amazon: BUY NOW: Shashibo Cube
From Art of Play: BUY NOW : Shashibo Geometric Art

Cubendi Puzzle: Dissect a cube into 4 equal irregular tetrahedra + 8 equal irregular triangular pyramids, connect these 12 pieces symmetrically with hinges and add 48 magnets to create the Cubendi cube. This assembly can make a number of surprising symmetrical forms including this rectangular prism with a square hole. More math fun with this second hinged dissection cube puzzle from the makers of the Shashibo Cube. 


Symmetric Sticks Puzzle

Geometry as art and play-- get this affordable puzzle here:

From Etsy: BUY NOW: Symmetric Sticks Puzzle

Symmetric Sticks Puzzle: 30 identical pieces, each with two notches as shown, can create 12 interlocking pentagons in a perfect symmetry- look carefully and you can see that each rod is in an identical configuration with the 4 others that connect with it. Precision notches on the rods allow them to interlock with elastic tension such that vector sum of the 4 forces sum to zero in this tensegrity type equilibrium. The dodecahedron, with its 30 edges and 12 sides, is the basis of this puzzle sculpture.

Color Spirit Kaleidoscope

Avalible in a number of colors from these sources:

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From eBay: BUY NOW: Color Spirit Kaleidoscopes

Color Spirit Kaleidoscope: a side lit kaleidoscopic with sparkling and kinetic mandala. The intricate patterns seen come from shiny trinkets that flow in oil, and two mirrors that are precisely aligned at a 60 degree angle to produce the sixfold symmetry. This affordable yet top quality kaleidoscope is from the Color Spirit line of artist Karl Schilling.