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Kitty Cat Fireworks Lamp

Variations (bear, spaceman) avaialable from these sources: 
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The Kitty Cat Lamp I found: here

Kitty Cat Fireworks Lamp: illusion of depth from multiple refections. This glass cat sculpture is partially coated inside and out with a thin metal layer. The metal layer is made thinner in a pattern of small circles and stars to produce iridescent colors through thin-film interference effects. When lit from within by white LEDs, multiple reflections on the curved contour of the glass creates the firework like spray of light and color.


The PhoTOP

Get a PhoTOP from these fine vendors (comes with laser pointer!):

From Educational Innovations: BUY NOW PhoTOP 

Another amazing spinning device by Prof. Ken Brecher! Get his other spinning tops here:
From Etsy: BUY NOW: PhiTOP, PiTOP, eTOP, iTOP, DeltaCELT

The PhoTOP: phosphorescent glow illuminates the intricate path of a 405nm laser pointer beam on a balanced spinning disk. Let the disk set alone for a few minutes to allow the traces to fade- and repeat again and again to experiment making new patterns.